First calf of the year!

A heifer calving on a sunny day? Blasphemy.

Miraculously, one of Cody’s heifers finally calved, and on a warm sunny day to boot.

We were starting to worry because they were due March 1st and nobody had any babies on the ground, but it turns out they’re just baking them for a little bit longer.

The heifer did fabulously. I walked down to grain the calves and noticed her pacing a bit, and by the time I was done she was down and had the calf halfway out. Didn’t need any assistance at all. She was up and licking off the calf immediately, going so far as to knock the baby over few times as the calf was trying to get up.

The calf is a little heifer, and she’s feisty! It’s always good to see strong thriving calves so you don’t have to worry like you do over the weaker ones. She was up and chasing the other heifers around trying to find milk within 30 minutes.


We had one other heifer trying to baby snatch, but I shoo-ed her off 🙂 It always amazes me how some heifers have zero interest in their calves, and some heifers have so much maternal instinct that they try stealing calves when they haven’t even had theirs yet. Luckily the real mama mooed to her calf the whole time and kept licking her and following her around, she was not to be dissuaded!

I’m thankful the calf waited to be born until the nice weather rolled around. We had blizzard conditions here for the past few days, wind gusts over 60mph and heavy snow. In a rare stroke of luck, all the calves stayed inside their mamas nice and warm without trying to brave mother nature on their birthday.

Happy calving season to everyone!

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